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The Farm

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Our farming journey

Farming has brought us on an amazing journey. Moving to the PNW in 2013 we were new farmers having only passion on our side for success. We jumped right in trying to be as diverse as possible, bought pigs, baby chicks, even lamb in our first year, as well as trying to tackle the vegetable program. 

That being said some lessons were more expensive than others. Looking back on those years the people that we have met through farming is priceless. There truly is a very big small farmer community in the portland area that were so giving on the aspect of sharing their personal techniques, growing methods, and timing. 


Learning to farm will never be over for us, or anyone in that matter. In our four years of farming we have been in three different locations from Salem to Canby to Mulino meeting all different kinds of farmers along the way! 

We focus on DIVERSITY because we are producing many different dining experiences throughout a fiscal year, from farm fresh greens in the spring, to hearty tomatoes and peppers in the summer, to raising pigs year around  fulfilling our needs. 


Bringing sweet SWEET garlic to our beautiful city...

Garlic was one of the first crops that we planted as farmers back in 2013. That being said Garlic will always have a special spot in our hearts. Garlic is a very giving plant, there are several different stages of growth on when it can be harvested for different reasons, which is very fascinating to us. After Growing it for a few years seeing these different stages showed some value.

In 2017 we have partnered with a good friend, influencer, and teacher Kara Gilbert of Vibrant Valley Farm to fulfill our dreams of becoming garlic farmers! Kara was one of the first farmers we met moving here in 2013, she was such an inspiration and motivator to us. As fifty-fifty partners we have decided to try to bring several different varieties of garlic to the better part of portland. 

During a rainy fall day in we linked up with our buds from Supa Freshy Farms To get the garlic planted before the cold winter months as well as to save on our backs for other projects in spring. We learned about each other, had laughs with kids, enjoyed a lunch filled with veggies, planted lots of garlic as well as sharing our knowledge about this beautiful plant. 

Please be sure to keep an eye out on ways to get your hands on some of the fruit of our labor!